Sensitiv Imago Bio Resonance Therapy

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, and each cell runs on a specific frequency. We are essentially energy, and all issues begin in the cell. When stress is inflicted on our cells from injuries, bacteria, unhealthy hormones, or simple daily activities, our energy becomes diminished and unbalanced which can lead to an array of health issues.


Using Sensitiv Imago Bio Resonance Therapy, we can examine and assess your cell’s frequencies to learn the root causes for your health issues, input proper frequency into unhealthy cells, and receive a full plan to restore health. This advanced software program is 96% accurate: it knows what your cells are running at, what they should be and why they are off. Through technology, we now have the capability to learn the health of organs, levels of microbes (bugs), heavy metals (contaminants), mold levels, food/environmental allergens, and EMF sensitivity, all which contribute to the conditions noted.  


You will enjoy sitting in a comfortable chair, wearing headphones and having your hands on sensor pads.  You will hear frequency coming through the headphones.  These frequencies are being sent to the brain which in turn sends them out throughout the body.  The information is stored into your card file, an analysis is done, and your complete report is sent to you within one week. 


There is nothing the SI cannot help balance. Energy healing dates as far back as 46AD when the Romans discovered a man healed his gout by standing on a torpedo fish (stingray). The higher vibration, the healthier you will be. We can restore our energy to feel amazing!


Initial scans/analysis reports are $100.  Repeat appointments to input frequency are $40.  Follow-up scans are $100.  Each appointment is one hour.


For more information, visit or watch an informative video here.

Hyperthermia Wellness Cocoon Pod

We are consistently exposed to toxins. The air is polluted,  our food can be contaminated, and we are constantly exposed to germs. Because of these toxins, along with a fast paced lifestyle, vaccines, and pharmaceutical medications, our immune systems can break down.  By incorporating sessions in the cocoon pod through relaxation and sweat, you can assist your body to eliminate the toxins that are weighing you down.


This unit is specially designed to relax your mind, provide a stimulating massage, move the lymphatic flow, oxygenate the cells and tissues, heal topical skin issues, reduce inflammation, burn calories and encourage blood flow.  It is also wonderful for post and pre workout!  I have heard so many clients who continue to come for repeat visits how much this unit is helping them; not only for the therapeutic benefits but also for the way it reduces symptoms such as headaches, edema and stress.  I absolutely cannot say enough about the benefits of the pod.


You will be in a private room, relaxed setting.  The lights are dim, a diffuser is pouring out a beautiful scent, all the while you are laying in the pod.  Your head is open to the air, with fans blowing.  The therapeutic jade stones and Himalayan salt cube are added benefits.  You control the heat from very low to very hot, ranging 120-190.  There are optional disposable sauna suits complimentary if you choose to elevate the sweat detox.  Picture having a chill beach session to sweating it out at a very high level, totally up to you and both helpful.  Towels are provided.


Sessions are by appt. and $20 for 35 minutes.

Wellness Pro Electrodermal Unit

Before modern medicine, natural means were used for healing all over the world. Since our bodies are actually electrical, energy was used to reduce pain and provoke healing.  Now with modern technology, we have the ease of machines created for this. By balancing stressed cell energy, health is restored.  


The Pro is an FDA approved pain unit working in detox or micro current frequency modes.  It is pre programmed for over 1,000 specific issues which you have the option of choosing.  We determine together what would best fit your needs.  Detox mode is a higher pulsing frequency while micro current are low current waves for tissue healing.


You will be sitting up in a chair, with feet on pads or pads positioned on body while holding brass handles.  The frequency is administered through the pads and handles.  It is very comfortable and not harmful. 

Sessions are $25 for 1/2 hour.


Unit is also available to purchase for your home $3500; inquire about how to check with your insurance company if they would consider covering a portion of it.  Many will cover 50-85%, it's worth asking!

Red/Infrared Light Full Body Bed

The latest therapy added at Soar Boutique is a red/infrared light full body bed! 


Inflammation is the leading cause for disease, and this is another modality to address that.  Our bodies are continually exposed to various toxins, creating stress at the cell level.  This in turn wreaks havoc on our health.   We need to take ownership of our destiny, by addressing our lifestyle and incorporating alternative therapies to feel well. 


This therapy uses specific wavelengths of red light which create a biochemical affect in our cells that serves to increase mitochondrial function.  This improves ATP (energy) production in the body.  ATP is the source of energy for every cell in the body.  Without it, we do not function at all.  Without enough of it, we do not function well. 


Light therapy is healing on many levels.  Some of my favorites to mention are decrease in pain, increase circulation, collagen production (decrease wrinkles, stretch marks, fade scars), stimulates slow healing tissues, reduces skin acne/rosacea/eczema, repair from sun damage, improves lymphatic which benefits detox, decreases inflammation.  The bed is situated in a private room, with a fan blowing, and eyewear is available for purchase.  Get ready to feel amazing!


Sessions are by appointment and run 20 minutes for $15.

Room is located on upper level, so you do need to be able to walk up stairs for access.



Monthly unlimited pass including membership at Universal Gym (where I am located) and use of both beds is $120 per month.   For gym members, the cost is $100 per person.   You would schedule your appointments through Deb. 

Coaching Session

Simplifying the process of implementing changes needed is essential.  Where to start?


I offer sessions to coach you on personal products, where to source whole foods, how to eat out safely, which essential oils would benefit you and yow to safely use them, herbs and supplements, how to protect from emf and so forth.  


This info is stepping stones as you begin a more non toxic life style.


Available in office or skype.  $40 per hour session.


"Deb is very professional and passionate about her work. I appreciate her first-hand experience, as well as the numerous hours of training she has taken, in order to provide alternative ways to heal the body. I believe that the frequency treatments have given me an edge in up-leveling my health to the best it can be! Thank you, Deb!"


- Carol


"I have been seeing Deb Van Kalker at Soar Boutique in Cedar Lake for some health issues I have been having off and on for years. Despite having a pretty clean diet and working out regularly, my health issues never fully resolved. In fact they escalated! I did a scan with her to see what my main issues were. I gasped at the results! There were several issues that needed some specific targeted help! Since seeing her, I no longer have regular headaches, intense head and ear pressure, stomach pain, and my monthly cycle is regular and not 14 days!!!! She’s helping to get to the root issues instead of just treating symptoms! I also enjoy the heat and light therapy in the cocoon pod; it has helped my sinus and congestion!  Still have some issues we are working on but have a full treatment plan in place. Highly recommend her!!!"

- Lisabeth

But those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31