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My Testimony

It’s been a journey! First of all, I just want to say I’m thankful for being here with health renewed. I never would have guessed the discomfort and pain I would be embracing for so many years. God’s plan is always greater than our own, that I certainly learned. He never gave up on me, and I never lost sight on Him.

My name is Deb Van Kalker. I’ve been married to John for 27 years and we have three grown children: Kyle, 23; Amanda, 21; Amber, 18. These special people went through this by my side. We grew and fought for health for me. Many ups and downs, stressors and scares, but always love and hope.

In 2009, I unfortunately had a fall snow skiing on a family vacation in Steamboat, CO. The last afternoon skiing of the week, I had splurged on new boots that very morning, and wasn’t accustomed to how efficient and speedy they may be. The mountain had packed snow and I hit a patch of ice on a steep incline, this spun me around and sent me sailing down the mountain at a high speed going backwards until my body flew backwards and the back of my head took the brunt of the fall. I did not black out, but I was disheveled. I chose to finish the run and head back to the room to pack up our things for the drive home, we immediately began the drive back so I could get checked out by my general dr. in our home town. Since I had not been wearing a helmet the impact had left quite a lot of pain. My general dr. sent me to University of Chicago for scans and further evaluation. The results were bulging discs and a mild concussion. I proceeded to do physical therapy for many, many months (years) but was left with chronic discomfort and neck pain with halted rotation. For instance, when we bike ride, I always go second I don’t want to lead due to the lack of rotation.

Over the next several years this pain ended up radiating down the spine and settling in the left hamstring, specifically where the tendon attaches to the glute bone. The back pain did end up residing praise the Lord., but neck, glute and hamstring were definitely high. I tried anti inflammatories orally, cortisone injections, chiropractic, physical therapy all to no avail. In Dec., 2014, I had surgery to repair a partially detached tendon in the left hamstring at Rush Orthopedics in Chicago, IL. The surgery went as scheduled but for some reason the following months my body began to shut down.

For 2015 I was a wandering, lost, scared, frustrated, miserable woman. I’ll try to explain to you the symptoms that began in early 2015. Bowel Movements were all over, my stomach could not hold in anything. Sleep was awful, insomnia certainly an issue. I’d wake up with a numb right side, without feeling in my arm and hand throughout the nights. Anxiety and panic kicked in, racing thoughts. Heart palpitations, chest pain, air hunger entered the picture. I had skin rashes erupting. A numb finger. Joint pain, muscle weakness. Pain that moved from one area to another constantly. My eyesight went from perfect to highly stressed, it was hard to focus on things. My legs were weak and heavy, I couldn’t stand for any length of time. I was having chemical reactions to all my personal products including burning scalp and yellowing of eyes when applying hair dye. I lost so much weight, was down to skin and bones not by choice, my gut was a mess. I had burning in my gut. The neck pain was heightened and my head felt as if in a box too small for the skull with a vise cranking on it. To say I was concerned and lost is an understatement. So began the journey.

Of course, I began with the ortho surgeon to verify all was ok with the surgery site and the procedure he had done. My leg was so weak, the nerves looked like cottage cheese. At one point I went to the ER at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, but they couldn’t find a cause and sent me home. Later to find out they wrote on my file, no cause found, patient is making things up. That set the tone for the circuit of specialists I saw that year. They did find my vitamin d and b were depleted. I was given b injections and supplemented for d. I was given medications for nausea, anxiety, migraines. That was it. I was confused., how could someone feel as if they may die and not be given any help? I hung in there, going back and forth to Chicago, many times needing a driver, family and friends to help out.

That fall my chiropractor whom I had been seeing for years, suggested a food panel allergy test. It came back I had sensitivities to almost the whole list plus candida (fungal overgrowth). Umm., I assumed this was the whole cause., we had finally figured it out! I began the supplementation she suggested and began the process of switching to whole foods eliminating inflammatory foods. I discontinued all medications. She also directed me for colonhydrotherapy, which I did and have continued to do throughout the entire process. This all improved my symptoms about 5% at the time. By the way, I was on medical leave but couldn’t retain the job because the medical community had no known cause for my case. I began to study health, and Nancy Drew it, as much as my brain could wrap around, what was wrong.

Through my own research and advice of wise friends., and phone calls from strangers who had been through similar situations, I began receiving other options. I switched my general dr. to a local DO who was more open minded to proper testing. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and sent on my way since that was something at the time she wasn’t treating, she referred me to a specialist in Indianapolis whom I waited 5 months to get into. In the meantime, continuing with local holistic dr.’s and working towards eradicating the symptoms through food, nutritional iv’s, heat/light therapy, supplementation, herbs., etc. Once I met the specialist in Indy and this was not my first one I waited to see I was again given such a depressing agenda of antibiotics for years, although my gut was so stressed it couldn’t handle one round of antiobitics (I had made it three weeks and the liver was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep). So her protocol was not going to work for me either, I continued on.

I learned the 13 mercury dental fillings and 1 root canal I had were all contributing to my lack of health. I worked with a biological dentist and oral surgeon to eradicate all the mercury and root canal which took over a two year span. I am getting my last bit of dental work done this coming January, a bridge to fix the missing extracted root canal tooth. Without a tooth there my jaw continues to slip due to overuse.

I learned I had been exposed to mold and my body couldn’t detox mold well. I had to remove myself from contaminated air environments. I can sniff mold out - you don’t need the ermi test, just have me over!

In the fall of 2016 I was introduced to PLEXUS. My mom’s neighbor’s daughter was at the park one day and my mom being the outgoing friendliest person in town began a conversation with her. She was a beautiful young mom strolling with her first baby, and we instantly became friends. She took me in and showered knowledge on me. How the body once contaminated by a host of toxins cannot fend for itself. I needed to limit the toxins in, and on, and put whole things in my mouth and on my skin. Plexus had helped her so much with her thyroid issues, she suggested I give it a try. I have been taking Plexus since Thanksgiving 2016, 3 years now. It has been a huge part of my journey and I will continue to stay on it to stay above the line as I call it. I like to think maintenance is for life, there is no way I want to go backwards. The products are clean, I loved that. The owners are Christian with a message, I loved that. This new friend looked amazingly healthy, I loved that. I was hooked. The products are meant to support, yet detoxify. It’s been years of detoxifying, but I am doing well. Lyme is in remission. Heavy metals are removed from the body. I don’t stay long in a moldy environment. I use Young Living Essential Oils on the daily. My personal products and household products are entirely clean. I do believe the basis is nutrition, our thoughts, our faith, and what we supplement with.

Exercise has always been a big part of my life and currently I am so blessed to have worked back to adding it back in full time. The last few years I have been trained by many talented people and have a few accountability partners who have always picked me up. I feel strong again, the body is so amazing at how it wants to heal and work for you!

In June, 2018, I had the privilege to open a business, Soar Boutique LLC. The eagle means a whole lot to me and my family. The eagle is strong, with purpose, scouting out and having a plan. The Lord had a plan for my health. I hung on to that promise. At Soar I run a bio resonance frequency system, offer sessions in a red/infrared light bed and hyperthermia detox pod, and distribute Wellness Pro frequency home units. I offer Plexus supplements to support the clients. The cells need energy to thrive. This office resolves on energy for the cells., and Plexus fits in nicely with that concept. The supplements have improved my detox abilities, replenished lost nutrients, balanced blood sugars, eliminated microbes, provided energy and eliminated sugar cravings among so much more. The skincare is phenomenal and newly added collagen a bonus. The friends I have made through this company, are dear to my heart. I thank the Lord for each of them. They have taught me many things, and I base my office on the same standards. What we have is a gift, meant to be shared. Educating others to make it known you can have better health as well. It’s out there, ask any of us how. I’m humbled God chose me to represent His earth, healing as He meant it. I pray I can be a light for many.

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