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My Background

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I’ve decided to give a little background on my life as to how I ended up opening Soar Boutique. This is a long journey, so I will be breaking it up into short segments to not overwhelm me or you!

I may as well start at the beginning.I grew up in Lynwood, Illinois with my parents and five siblings. We had an amazing childhood! My parents were able to have a second cottage home in Blind River, Canada where we spent countless weeks during the summer and winter break having fun in the water and woods with our cousins. I LOVED being outdoors, and exploring. It really was the best times. They sent me to a private school, where I received a top notch education. I then went on to a slightly larger private high school, where I met my future husband. Although we did not date until our early 20’s, we were friends and made memories already in high school. I was extremely outgoing and always looked forward to the next thing. My grades were solid and I put my heart into my studies.

Through my childhood., my health was good. I do remember often times having ear infections, but we were also avid swimmers. My stomach was slightly uneasy but I did enjoy eating all the food, variety wise. My mom was an amazing cook and still is to this day. She is in her late 70’s, and her passion is cooking and entertaining. I carried on that trait in my married years also, but it did change for me in my mid 40’s.

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