Who I am


My health rapidly declined in 2015 following a hamstring tendon reattachment surgery.  However, the decline had nothing to do with the doctor’s expertise.  Although Rush Medical did a fantastic job, my body was in a weakened state prior to the surgery.  The surgery was the last trigger.  I had suffered a ski fall injury in 2009 which led to chronic neck pain, I had a history of antibiotics, vaccines, a mouthful of dental amalgam fillings, an infected root canal, a trigeminal nerve nicked by a dentist and a distressed gut!  Post-surgery my symptoms rapidly increased within six months leaving me with bell’s palsy, loss of words/memory, joint pain, muscle weakness, hormone unbalance, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, anxiety, gut issues, heart palpitations, heart racing, swelling of the brain, migraines, decrease in vision, ear pain, neck spasms and the list goes on and on…. After exhausting the local dr.’s we spent close to a year with specialists at Northwestern and Rush.  I had every image and test run imaginable, still not much information being found which in a way I was very thankful, in another way spurred on to find answers and understand what was happening to my body.  We began b12 shots and supplemented with d.  It helped very little.  My chiropractor suggested a food test which showed most foods were an issue, she then suggested alternative care doctors and professionals who look at the body as a whole to determine the root cause, leading you through physical, emotional and spiritual changes, making lifestyle changes to restore health. The symptoms were being caused by toxins: mainly heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, parasites, mold exposures and limited healthy boundaries.  It was a lot of work, but I was determined by God’s grace to make the changes happen!  I will get into the changes as I blog my journey as it is far too much for an intro paragraph. For now I will say, little by little, making the changes necessary, I feel strong and healthy again. 


My husband, John and I have been married since 1992 and we have three grown children, Kyle, Amanda and Amber all who were very concerned yet showed unlimited support.  We are truly grateful for the people who crossed our lives and poured into our family these past five years.

What I do

My office is all about wellness, determining root causes.  I am a bio resonance certified technician since June 2018 which specializes through frequency the health of client’s cells and tissues.  You will learn your level of microbes (virus, bacteria, fungal, parasites), heavy metals, mycotoxins, unbalances of organs, food/environmental allergens and what systems we need to input frequency back into the body to help restore balance.  This information is provided to you along with suggested supplements, herbs, essential oils, cbd, and nutrition.  


I also offer Hyperthermia in my very own Wellness Cocoon Pod which includes heat and light therapy.  I believe by reducing toxin load, addressing structure distress, educating the client to take ownership of his/her destiny, conditions will improve.